January 25, 2021

Different Kinds of Shampoos for Men

Shampoos for Men

Shampoos for Men

Whenever you walk past the hair care aisle in your nearby grocery store, you are bound to find tons of varieties in shampoos and conditioners along with other styling products. You probably may just pick out one randomly. But, if you pay closer attention to the details, you might avoid making some grave mistakes.

Every person has a unique type of hair. And according to your hair type, you should choose the best shampoo for men. If you are not sure about the basics, here are some details that will help you identify the right shampoo for your hair.

Shampoos come in many different types. Some of the problems you may come across because of choosing a wrong shampoo would be oiliness, scalp-dryness, and so on. Here are the basic kinds of hair types that different shampoos are designed to attend.

Normal Hair Shampoos – These shampoos are designed to not take away the natural oils present on the scalp and hair. They are known to be very gentle. This kind is quite friendly to most hair types and works for about nine guys in every ten.

Oil Hair Shampoos – These shampoos are designed to contain cleansers that help in removing the excess oil secreted by the scalp. Men who have oil scalps must use this kind of shampoo. However, if you have a normal scalp, it may cause excessive dryness.

Dry Hair Shampoos – These are also referred as moisturizing shampoos. They are prepared using a special formula that is known for adding moisture to the scalp ad hair. Unless the hair is very dry, you will not require such a shampoo as it can often weight the hair down.

Thickening Shampoos – These shampoos are often referred as volumizing shampoos. They usually contain glycerine that helps in retaining water in the hair in order to swell up the hair strands necessary for lifting the cuticle. Cuticle of the hair is like the shiny layer that appears very similar to fish scales. In most circumstances, it lies flat. But using thickening shampoos can help open it up that end up swelling the shaft of the hair. As the hair might become vulnerable after using this shampoo, it is best to use a good conditioner after using the shampoo.

Dandruff Shampoos – This kind of shampoo is great for preventing flaking and itching that is usually caused by dandruff. Make sure that you have dandruff before you go ahead and buy one. Dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis is known for causing irritated scalp and thick flakes. If the flakes are very fine and small, it is probably because of having dry scalp. You can easily rectify that by using a good moisturizing shampoo and condition. Use the dandruff shampoo every alternate day with a moisturizing one in order to get rid of the excessive dryness.

Clarifying Shampoos – Thy contain acid that is used for removing excessive product from the hair. Swimmers usually go for clarifying shampoos that can help in getting rid of the chemicals present in the pool. Do not use it more than once a month as it could cause damage and dryness.

Most of the shampoos can be used regularly. Make sure that you pick the right one in order to get the desired results.

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