January 26, 2021

Lift Chairs-What Are Health Benefits When Using One?

Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs

As we get older, it becomes more and more challenging to do things and tasks that used to be so simple some years ago. Lift chairs are designed for helping us on that. They’re made to increase your comfort while working just like any other chair.

What are lift chairs?

Lift chairs come in a great variety of models and designs and it’s quite easy to find one that suits your needs and budget.

Even if most of the lift chairs out there look similar to any other chair, the functionality and purpose are surpassing the abilities of any other regular chair.

Some may think of a lift chair as a luxury and un-necessary acquisition. Anyone who has difficulties standing from a sitting position is going to disagree on that. Lift chairs are made for providing both comfort and style, which explains their popularity.

Why get a lift chair?

lift chairs are adjustable and you may position it for sitting down easier if you have difficulties moving. You may also position your body in a sitting position.

Some disabilities may also impact one’s ability and mobility into a normal chair. Lift chairs are going to make transference a breeze, without sacrificing on the comfort or relaxation they provide.

Easy to use and access, a lift chair is important for one’s independence. Losing the ability or dexterity is awful and you can feel a lot better when being able to sit down or up in a lift chair.

Have a peek at a great selection of lift chairs at https://eagleliftchairs.com/. The diversity of models is going to satisfy most customers out there so finding one that you like is going to be easier.

What are the benefits for your health?

The more features you want on your lift chair, the more benefits you should expect it to have for your health.

Here are some of them:

  • A Zero Gravity feature is a position that relieves pressure from the entire body, improving the circulation.

NASA discovered The Zero Gravity position and it was a method for lowering the pressure that astronauts went through a space launch.

This is really efficient as it distributes evenly the weight throughout the whole body. At the same time, it raises the feet right about the level of the heart, reducing the pressure in the heart and lungs.

Zero Gravity function is backed by science and you want your lift chair to come with this type of function. It relieves stress on the whole body, sustaining relaxation. Some also name it as the “ideal posture for relaxation”.

When mobility is an issue (due to surgery or injury), a powered lift feature is going to help one go from a sitting to a standing position a lot easier. This feature has plenty of benefits for your body and health:

  • It brings relief for achy joints and reduces oedema and swelling
  • It promotes relaxation and alleviation from acid reflux

A lift chair with built-in heat and massage functions are going to be amazing for the tired muscles, calming the stressed nerves.

  • People dealing with neck, back or hip pain experience relief when applying heat to the area.
  • Multi-zone heating is a great feature on a lift chair. Age-related pain comes often from over-exertion, strain or stress. As the muscles are strained, they’re not getting proper circulation, sending pain signals to the brain. When you’re applying heat, the blood vessels expand, increasing in the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
  • Heat helps restore damaged tissues. It may also distract the sensory receptors in the back, reducing the level of pain signals that go to the brain.
  • Heat therapy is backed by science, but sometimes we just want to help our body not to feel cold. As we age, skin becomes thinner and the blood circulation slows down. This is why we are more sensitive to cold.
  • Diabetes, cardiovascular, hypothyroidism and other common conditions and even medications can make us feel cold at times.

Anyone having a limited range of mobility may have to deal with a lack of balance when sitting down or standing up. Sometimes, another person may have to help a person safely make the movements. With just a touch of the button, one can lower/raise the chair gradually, helping one to get in the position they want. Needless to say, the lift chair becomes a “helping hand” for anyone requiring that sort of help.

No matter if you’re watching your favourite TV show, knit, read or spend some time with your friends, the lift chair is just the right sitting surface. It provides a comfortable surface for carrying out any of the activities we’ve just mentioned. Not only that a lift chair is going to help one sit and stand, but they also present adjustable backrests and footrests.

Three positions and infinite position lift chairs give you the option to operate the two sections independently. Let’s say that you need to raise your legs for reducing swelling. Your back can be in an upright position, whereas the footrest provides the best level of comfort.

Is the lift chair right for you?

You should have a talk with your doctor before buying a lift chair. When your doctor agrees with your decision to get a lift chair, you should go ahead and check the insurance to see if it’s covered.

A while ago, the lift mechanism was covered, but you can never know. It’s best that you don’t jump to any conclusion. Have a talk with the insurance for being 100% sure if it’s covered or not.

Go over the benefits we’ve talked about previously. Do you need that kind of help? Do you need a chair for relieving the pain? Should you get a chair that helps you rise from the seated position? How important it is for you to recline and rise your feet up?

A lift chair is going to eliminate the pressure on your leg muscles, so it’s not a bad idea to talk with a physical therapist. You may want to develop an exercise routine for strengthening your muscles.





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