November 26, 2020

Easy Steps to Become an Air Hostess? The Qualifications, Training, Jobs & Salary

how to become an air hostess

how to become an air hostess

There are many young graduates who want to do flight attendant/air hostess jobs. However, the salary is lucrative, therefore, they want to know how to become an air hostess/flight attendant. You can very much join the academy that helps in providing the training for the same.

This job is only about a handsome salary, but you get to meet people of different religions, cultures and get to visit many destinations; have a chance to meet business tycoons, politicians, celebrities, and also, learn new things.

The job of air hostess might seem easy, but it has a lot many responsibilities on the airplane, in short, not a simple job. You need to greet every passenger, take care of them, guide them about safety & seating, coordinate wit security, and more. Well, we know that every passenger is not the same, if, someone creates trouble or fuss, then air hostess should remain calm and patient & politely handle the situation.

How to Become an Air Hostess/Flight Attendant?

Mostly think that the career of an air hostess is for girls only, but, even men also join it as ‘Stewards’. The average career span is 8-10 years. Later, they can do ground duties as a management trainee, manager, check hostess, ground hostess, and air hostess trainer.

Air Hostess Eligibility/Qualifications


  • Education: 10+2 or Graduate Degree
  • Age: 18-26 Years
  • Height: Minimum 157.5 cm; 5.16 inches, BMI required
  • Eyesight: Normal Vision, 6/6 OR 6/24, Both Eyes
  • Medical Fitness: Medically fit, No mental illness required
  • Language: Proficient in English; other languages, If required
  • Marital Status: Unmarried or Married
  • Passport: Indian Passport
  • Complexion: Fair to a Clear Complexion

Behavioral Skills Requirement


  • Pleasing Personality: A pleasant voice and a good look are required. You need to have friendly behavior with passengers. Only a social personality & friendly can be an air hostess.
  • Presence of Mind: In case of any emergency landing, an air hostess must be able to handle and instruct panic passengers. Her/his willpower should be strong enough.
  • Excellent Communication Skills: Command over communication skills and language are required. You must know how to handle and convince passengers on board if they require anything.
  • Team Work: A Steward/Air hostess should be a team player. A cabin crew comprises more than 12-14 members.
  • Working Hours: Flight delays due to technical reasons or bad weather are common, thus, working hours my extend upto 3-4 hours.
  • Positive Attitude: A positive attitude must be kept whilst assisting passengers.

Recruitment Process – Air Hostess


  • Written Exam
  • Group Discussion
  • Interview
  • Air Hostess Course (Air Hostess Management, Air Hostess Training, Airlines hospitality, Aviation Customer Service, Aviation Management & Hospitality, Night Rating, Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant, Aviation Management, Aviation & Hospitality Services, Travel & Customer Service, International Air Cargo, Airport Ground Management, Air Ticketing & Tourism, Private Pilot Training, Commercial Pilot Training, Personality Development, and much more).

Air Hostess Training Academy/Institute

Before finalizing the academy for air hostess, make sure you do your research in the best way. Else consult nearby friends or family who have any information for the same. Don’t rush into anything.

Air Hostess Salary

The salary of an air hostess is different from every airline. Generally, it starts from INR 20000-INR 80000. Domestic pays about INR 40000 whereas International pays INR 80000 (depending on the work experience). Luxurious international airlines pay INR 1-2 Lakh monthly to the senior air hostess.



  • Discount on Flight Tickets
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Medical Insurance

We hope, to reveal most of the information about air hostess. Good luck with your career!

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