January 25, 2021

Why Should Students Solve CBSE Sample Papers Before Exam?

Solve CBSE Sample Papers

Solve CBSE Sample Papers

The Central Board of Secondary Education conducts the CBSE Class 10 and 12 exams across the country. CBSE Class 10 and 12 exams are considered as a turning point in a student’s academic career. Examinations play an important role in shaping a student’s career. The results of Class 10 and 12 board exams play a significant role in deciding students’ career path. So, in the process of preparing for their board exams CBSE sample papers play a vital role in making the learning process more comfortable.

CBSE sample papers are prepared according to the latest syllabus, guidelines, blueprints prescribed by the Board. CBSE Board provides sample papers for all subjects such as CBSE English sample paper class 10, Maths sample paper for Class 12, etc. These sample papers follow the exact pattern of the real question paper prepared for the exam. Students should solve these sample papers on a regular basis to understand the concepts thoroughly.

Here in this article, we have provided a few benefits of solving the sample papers before the exam.

Tips to Effectively Use the CBSE Sample Papers

  1. Solving the CBSE sample papers will boost students’ confidence level as it will give students an exact idea of the question paper pattern.
  2. The CBSE sample papers are prepared based on the actual question paper format. So, it helps students to get an overview of the real question paper such as types of questions asked, marking scheme, etc.
  3. Practising as many as sample papers will help students to prepare better for their exam. It also helps in relieving exam pressure and stress.
  4. CBSE sample papers help in quick revision of the entire syllabus. The questions included in the sample papers are important questions which are picked up from previous year question papers.
  5. It will also help students to analyse their preparation level and evaluate their performance. By doing so, they can work on their weak points and improve their knowledge.
  6. For CBSE Class 10 and 12 students, it is important to know the exact marking scheme so that they can prepare accordingly. Knowing the weightage of marks will help students to know on which topic they should give more importance.
  7. Solving the CBSE sample papers will help students to improve their speed and accuracy. It will also help students to work on their time management skills.
  8. Once students start practising the sample papers, they can know their weak and strong points which will help students to improve it before the final exam.
  9. CBSE sample papers should be practised one or three months prior to the examination once they complete revising the entire syllabus.
  10. CBSE sample papers are important for Class 10 and 12 students, and they should practice as many as sample papers they can to excel in their exam.

Students who solve sample papers regularly will always stay ahead in the competition. CBSE Class 10 and 12 sample papers can be accessed from the official website of the Board. The Board releases the sample papers of all the subjects and streams before the board exam begins. The sample papers provide an ample number of questions to practice so that students feel confident while writing the question paper. The sample papers of the respective classes and streams are prepared as per the syllabus such as Class 10 sample papers follow CBSE class 10 syllabus. It is advisable for students to solve the sample papers on a daily basis.

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