January 25, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Survey Plugins

WordPress Survey Plugins

WordPress Survey Plugins

Do You Need to Know Everything About WordPress Survey Plugins? Stay tuned we will discuss in this post why WordPress is the best CMS for blogging and how can you engage with your audience and how you can make amazing Surveys and master the art. With the Collected Survey data you can:

  • Get Suggestions and Feedback from the users.
  • Plan on future services and product updates.
  • Get to know about the audience preference and mold your product as they need.
  • Create a sense of trust among the responders and show them you value their opinions.
  • Make your products/service more customer-centric, etc.

Having a WordPress website makes it a lot easier to implement and manage the Survey functionality directly from your WordPress admin dashboard with the help of Plugins. Plugins let you implement extended functionality and integrate it into your WordPress Website without much coding. The following are the things that you must know about the WordPress Survey Plugins. Also Read, How to Create a Survey in WordPress?

Quiz and Survey Master – #1 Quiz and Survey Plugin of WordPress

Here we are going to take a look at the Quiz and Survey Master – Multipurpose Plugin. Quiz and Survey Master is the leading WordPress Survey Plugin that lets users create informative quizzes, engaging surveys, detailed exams, generic polls, and other types of forms, unique questionnaires within minutes to collect valuable data from the users. It has an active team that releases a new feature update every 15-20 days. Below are the features that you must know about the Survey Plugin that’ll help you in making your business/service better and engage with your audience.

#1 Easy Integration to WordPress

Plugins are considered the easiest way of implementing intricate software functionalities into your WordPress rather than personally coding it into the website.

  • Just Download/Install the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin to your WordPress site.
  • Activate it and you are ready to go.

Quiz and Survey Master Plugin in WordPress makes it super simple to create and manage surveys.

#2 Multi-purpose Use

Don’t just go by its name, Quiz and Survey Master is capable of much more. You can create Questionnaires, Polls, Viral Quizzes, Riddle, Contact Form, Personality Test, Voting, and much much more… Thus you don’t have to add multiple plugins to your website and increase the load on your website. This One Plugin does it all.

#3 Boost User Engagement

A recent study says that a website that has a short Quiz/Poll attracts more visitors than a regular website and the chances are they will return again if they enjoyed the experience. So, it’s a good idea to have the Best WordPress Survey Plugin installed in your WordPress as they are free to use and won’t take much space in your webserver.

#4 Easy Data Analysis

The collected data from Quizzes and Surveys can be easily analyzed in the form of Charts, Box Plot, and Graphs with the help of the Reporting and Analysis addon of Quiz and Survey Master plugin. Which in turn helps to manage the collected data and make the most use of it.

#5 Multiple Addon Support

The best part of Quiz and Survey Master Plugin is that here we have a variety of addons that come with premium features. Some of them are:

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Click Here to check out all the addons of Quiz and Survey Master Plugin. These were some of the main reasons why Survey Plugins are so popular and responsible for generating massive traffic to a website.

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