January 25, 2021

Here are 6 gorgeous table and chair combos you can use to furnish your cafe!

furnish your cafe

furnish your cafe

The success of a cafe or restaurant primarily depends on customer satisfaction. You may think that the hospitality standard or food quality only bring customer satisfaction. However, there are more factors that are often overlooked.

From the moment you enter the cafe and until you reach the sitting area, you are constantly soaking in the vibe of the restaurant. Therefore, other than the food quality, the sitting arrangement and decor of the cafe are another important aspect that helps to attract the customers. Even if a restaurant maintains quality in terms of food, having an improper or unattractive sitting arrangement can be a major demerit.

6 innovative table and chair combo ideas to furnish your cafe

It is the ambience of a cafe that attracts customers the most. There are many restaurants who offer scrumptious food but their cafe table and chairs placing are not suitable as per the vibe of the cafe. Hence, one may prefer to opt for a takeaway rather than enjoying quality time in the cafe. Not just the quality of food, the overall ambience, service and sitting arrangement are the conditions that make up for the restaurant’s success. Going through the article will help you to explore some ideas to decorate your restaurant with gorgeous furniture settings.

Aesthetical affair

The aesthetical design of the cafe table and chairs should synthesize with other components and the trait should brew well with the ambience. You have to consider the audience or crowd base you are targetting because a Bollywood themed cafe is not where people generally come to have coffee and work peacefully.

For instance, if a cafe hosts office crowd then you can consider a comfortable wooden chair and table combos where people can place their laptops to work peacefully. Proper light and soothing decor are also important to set the vibe of your cafe.

Comfort comes first

Apart from aesthetics, comfort should be the deciding factor to choose the right cafe furniture. An attractive design definitely plays a key role but the dimensions of the table and chair combos should be correct to provide comfort to the guests.

To infuse the comfort element into the furniture, another aspect needs to be covered that is the material of the furniture. Avoid investing in cheap quality materials because it may save money initially but won’t provide optimum comfort. Even there are chances that the cafe table and chairs will get spoiled costing you more money for renovation in the long run. Many cafes overlook the comfort point of view while focusing on the decor. No matter how beautiful the decor is, if the sitting arrangement is not comfortable, people won’t visit your cafe the next time.

Focus on the measurements

The size of the table and chairs shouldn’t be so huge that it eats up all the space in your cafe. The size of the chair and table combos should be enough to provide comfort yet fit perfectly in the area of the cafe. The furniture should leave enough space for the free movement of customers and staff.

Soothing colour scheme

The furniture is an intrinsic part of cafe decor. Nowadays, people also judge the cafe with their mix of colours in the interiors. Choosing the perfect colour that suits the ambience of your cafe involves a prolonged thought process.

Colours tend to leave long-lasting impressions on customers. Hence, it requires a lot of research to choose a perfect colour scheme that suits the theme of your cafe. The interior design is the representation of a theme and the colour of the table and chair sets have to complement it perfectly.

Create a space-saving furniture layout

The furniture layout of the cafe should utilize the available space of the cafe so the customer doesn’t feel suffocated in their sitting area. One needs to choose such a table and chair sets that offer proper comfort and at the same time employ the available space to complement the cafe decor. If the furniture layout is not right, even the most gorgeous table and chair combos won’t look appealing to the customers.

Don’t overlook the theme

Nowadays, people prefer to visit cafes with a particular theme, such as retro, farm animal theme, peach-black theme, cartoon cat theme, pet cafes, alphabet cafes, Bollywood theme, etc. When your cafe has a special theme, it poses another decorating dilemma. But if you are able to choose furniture according to your theme, it becomes more appealing and attracts more customers.

To make your cafe appealing to the customers, you don’t need to hire an interior designer in every case. Sometimes just a few swaps can also do the magic. Treat your cafe with a gorgeous side table, a ravishing wooden bookshelf or a vase with few fresh flowers and the whole space will give a big-budget vibe and help attract customers.

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