January 25, 2021

How the user can enter the input from keyboard in python

input from keyboard in python

input from keyboard in python

In the world of programming various languages are exist, but Python is the language that is fastest growing around the world. It is used in a developer jobs and data science posts in all industries. Python is popular language because of its robust libraries, which make it a dynamic and fast programming language. And it is also an object-oriented, and it really allows everything from the creation of a website to the development of applications and the creation of different types of data models.

Main characteristics

  1. Python uses in data science: Python is the primary language of many data scientists. From many years, academics and private researchers used the MATLAB language for their research, but everything began to change with the release of Python’s numeric engines such as “Numpy” and “Pandas”.
  1. Python scripts and automation: – Majority of people only know that Python is a programming language, but Python is used as a scripting language too. In scripting:
  • The code is written as scripts and execute.
  • The machine reads and interprets the given code.
  • Error checking is performed during the execution time

Once the code is verified, it can be used a number of times. Then, through    automation, programmer can automate assured tasks in a program.

  1. Python can be used in Big Data: – Python handles a lot of data problems. In Python, a library called “Pydoop” is available and programmer can write a Map Reduce program in Python and process the data which is present in the HDFS cluster.

How the user can enter the input in Python

Developers always feel the need to interact with end users, either to obtain data or to provide some kind of result. Most of today’s programs use a dialog box as a method to ask the user to provide some type of input. Raw_Input vs Input – these both functions are used to enter the input from keyboard.

Python provides two built-in functions, which is used to read the input from the keyboard.

  • raw_input (prompt)
  • input (prompt)

raw_input ( ) : This function works in previous versions (such as Python 2.x) and it takes exactly what is written from the keyboard, converts it into a string and then returns it to the variable that user want to store. For example –


str = raw_input(“Enter your input: “);

print “Received input is : “, str

This will ask the user to enter any string and the same string will be displayed on the screen. When user wrote “Hello Python!”, then the output is like this:

Enter your input: Hello Python

Received input is :  Hello Python

input ( ) :This function takes the user’s input and then evaluates the expression, which means that Python repeatedly identifies whether the user entered a string or a number or list. If the input is not correct, Python generates a syntax error or exception. For example –


str = input(“Enter your input: “);

print “Received input is : “, str


Enter your input: [x*5 for x in range(2,10,2)]

Recieved input is :  [10, 20, 30, 40] 

How the Python input function works:

  • When the input () function executes the program, it will stop until the user has entered.
  • The text screen or message on the output screen to ask a user to enter an input value which is optional, that is, the message that will be printed on the screen is optional.
  • Whatever user enters as input, the input function makes it a string. If user enter an integer value, the input () function will convert it to a string. User must explicitly convert it into an integer in your code by typecasting.

In Python 2, raw_input() returns a string

But input() run the input as a Python expression.

As per the recent TIOBE Programming Community Index, Python is one of the most popular programming languages. Python is also called high-level language and general-purpose programming language. The Python is used to develop desktop GUI applications, websites and applications. Besides, Python, as a high-level programming language, allows the user to focus on the main functionality of the application by common programming tasks. Python language is the best language for beginners who want to learn a programming language.

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