January 25, 2021

What Are The Most Off-Beat Things You Can Do In The State Of New York?

Beat Things You Can Do In The State Of New York

Beat Things You Can Do In The State Of New York

Have you ever wondered why people travel from all across the world to explore New York? The state is a treasure trove of hidden gems. You never know when the experience of a lifetime presents itself in front of you. It is foolhardy to let such an opportunity pass, so here are the five things you must include in your to-do list when you travel to New York next –

  • Thousand Islands

Along the St. Lawrence River, there are thousands of small islands that span a distance of over 50-miles. It is a delight to cruise along the quaint waters during the warm summer months. The tour usually begins from the Adirondacks. It covers the natural beauty of the river and the island and offers a splendid view of the grand holiday villas on them.

  • Finger Lakes Racing

Finger Lakes provide stunning scenery for all outdoor enthusiasts and photography lovers. Right next to the natural beauty are the Finger Lakes Racing tracks, where you can enjoy the season’s most prominent horse races. Feel the dust on your face and the endorphins coursing through your veins. Finger Lakes makes for one of the most enthralling outings with family and friends.

  • The Letchworth State Park

It is a beautiful natural park in the state of New York. If you want to get out of the hubbub of the city and rendezvous with nature, the Letchworth State Park is the destination for you. Spend your day hiking, picnicking or exploring the grand natural waterfalls on the Genesee River Gorge.

  • The Museum of Moving Image

Do you love film and TV? Well, who doesn’t? Then the Museum of Moving Image is the perfect place for you to spend your day. The museum received new upgrades worth $65 million recently, and currently, it has over 130,000 movie and TV artifacts. It has Cleopatra’s wig and the stunt doll from Exorcist. Take your kids along for a nostalgic and fun ride behind the scenes of some of the most memorable TV shows and movies.

  • Coney Island

Anyone, who has heard of New York State, also knows of Coney Island. It is an integral part of the fun and frolic in the state. You can find its origins back in the 1800s. For over two centuries, this island has gathered elements of interesting and exciting activities that attract thousands of adults and youngsters across the world. Check out the Wonder Wheel and other fun family rides across this place. Do not forget to taste the taste corn dogs and click tons of pictures to take home.

Apart from exploring the Big Apple and clicking pictures in Times Square, there are plenty of things to do in this state. It is a list of the five off-the-beaten-track stuff you can do to live up your vacation during the summer months. Do not forget to chart out the route across the state so as not to miss the thousands of experiences this fantastic place as to offer.

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