November 26, 2020

Negative Effects of Social Media on Essay Writing Process

Essay Writing

Essay Writing

About three billion people (40% of the world population) use social media. On average, we waste two hours a day to send messages, watch videos, and observe images. A reasonable question appears: “How do social media affect us if we devote them so much time?” What do statistics and researches say concerning this problem?

Along with the writing service, we will try to examine the negative influence of social media on studying and essay writing in particular. First, let’s define the main steps of essay writing and what we need for it:

  • Thinking over a topic requires creative thinking and imagination;

  • Searching for the literature resources requires much time and diligence;

  • Writing itself demands maximal concentration.

You might think: “I can write my essay with the assistance of social media. There, I can find many groups and information devoted to academic writing. What is wrong with them?” These thoughts have the right to exist. However, social media lay many effects on our mental and physical health.


Different kinds of social media are a place where we are free to express our anger about everything, starting with politics and finishing with shoddy service. It lets us exhaust. At the same time, our feed turns into an entire well of negative. The poll devoted to the social media effects has shown that women are more vulnerable to social media negative than men. They called Twitter the most significant source of negative, as it always reminds about bad things happening to people.

Stress can accumulate. Significant amounts of it can cause problems with health, raise nervousness, and cause sleeplessness. There is no question of an essay to be written well in this case. People suffer and search for a way to heal themselves. Essay writing drops out immediately.


Many people will not agree that social media are all-round negative. They claim they get positive emotions, admiring beautiful photos, laughing at memes, and discussing something with friends. It is true. However, people are likely to get used to positive emotions and get addicted. Addiction to social media has already become a high-level problem for health-care structures.

Many people wake up and get the phone to check the news that appeared at night. They hold their devices in transport, getting to work. Any meal cannot do without social media. They are the best way to kill time in queues or during waiting. Finally, social media have substituted reading before going to sleep.

As a result, social media spoil our schedule and everyday needs. The continuous search for positive emotions can deprive us of sleep and rest. We cannot concentrate on our duties. We seek to dilute a tedious activity (one cannot call essay writing exciting) by looking at the phone screen. Our attention switches over the paper and social media; we start losing concentration and making more mistakes.

Low Self-Esteem

Different journals with skinny women and well-muscled were considered a source of low self-esteem among young people for a long time. Now, social media start causing the same problem. Special filters, lights, and other conditions of shooting create photos that are far from reality.

Looking at selfies and profiles of other people, men and women compare themselves with other, more successful users unknowingly. Morbid self-estimation and not meeting own expectations lead to bad mood and continuous depressions. Students stop believing that they can overcome every obstacle. Consequently, they start writing a task with thoughts about failure. This factor affects the essays badly. Narrative papers, where an author has to describe their advantages, suffer in particular.

More Negative Factors

We have already discussed the distraction, sleep disorders, addiction, and depression caused by social media. These are the direct effects. However, social media have a more indirect impact on the quality of studying and essay writing in particular:

  • People in the relationship confessed that they became more jealous due to social media.

  • Envy is one of the most common feelings social media causes. A new concept of “envy helix” appeared. It means the situation when the users become posting more images for the only purpose – to make their followers envy.

  • Recent polls show that people who waste much time on social media feel social isolation. They become afraid of meeting new people, as they have their profiles available for judging and estimation.

  • Finally, let’s not forget about the poor language used in social media. Making errors and typos in messages has already become acceptable. Poor language from the Internet can be transmitted to handwriting with ease. As a result, people commit more grammar mistakes without noticing them.

All these factors can cause negative emotions and bad moods. They deprive students of a willing to become smarter and more successful. Essay writing suffers more, as it is a complex activity that demands excellent knowledge and proper morale.

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