January 25, 2021

Nutrisystem Vs Jenny Craig Diet: Which is Better?

Nutrisystem Vs Jenny Craig Diet

Nutrisystem Vs Jenny Craig Diet

If you’ve been a weight loss enthusiast, you may have heard about Nutrisystem Diet or Jenny Craig Diet Plan. We’re assuming that you’re also amongst the people who have wondered on which one is the best amongst these two contenders. Well, our aim in this article is to bring out the salient points on each diet plan and compare them. Afterwards, you can decide on the one to choose. However, you can also check our recommendation at the end to further guide your decision.

Overview of Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig Diet Plan

These are the two diet plans that have been making waves in the weight loss industry for years now. Each of these plans follows a meal delivery approach to losing your extra pounds. Once you enrol into the program which may be free or require payments, you’ll start eating according to the laid-down plans, prepared meals and timetable. Both of these programs have been recommended as very effective when it comes to losing weight. Many people who tried them rated them very high because they help people to achieve their goals. So, you are free to try any of them out, enjoy the variety of meals and a chance to stop cooking for a long time!

Now, some people have been asking, Nutrisystemvs Jenny Craig, which is better? Let’s try our best to answer the question under the following factors:

1.    Cost of Nutrisystemvs Jenny Craig

When it comes to what you’re going to pay on each of the programs, Nutrisystem is the most affordable choice. Every day, a user of the diet plan will spend from $10 to $11 while someone under Jenny Craig will pay an enrolment fee of $99 and start spending $15 every day. Judging by this alone, someone who wants to cut cost should pick the Nutrisystem and save $4 each day. Every month, a user of the Craig diet will be budgeting from $450 to $690 depending on the choices. But a Nutrisystem user will only spend from $290 to $360 every month. So, the cost shows that the Nutrisystem diet plan is very affordable.

2.    Foods and Plans

Both diet plans offer varieties of food for users to enjoy. At least you don’t have to stick to one food and lose your appetite forever. But there’re differences when it comes to taste and quality. Nutrisystem has more foods and tastier meals than Jenny Craig’s diet plan. The company has continued to improve on their foods right from inception. For instance, in 2014, the system released up to 40 new choices and reformulated thirty-two of its products. Also, following the feedback from users, the program scraped nineteen food products from their offering. When it comes to taste, a 2010 survey discovered that many users find the foods palatable and appealing. But some users of Jenny Craig complained that one of its salad dressings is chalky and tastes sour.

3.    Coaching Offers

Each of these diet plans provides coaching for users of the programs. Nutrisystem has counsellors, resource materials and even videos available for people to utilize while on the program. All the assistance from the company comes without additional cost. But for you to utilize the skills of a coach on Jenny Craig’s diet plan, you must enrol with $99. So, it’s not free like what the other company offers. Maybe the cost is due to the nature of coaching. Jenny’s coaching is personalized to every individual user. It’s not a general kind of assistance as we get from the Nutrisystem diet plan. So, we believe that’s the reason for the extra payment.

4.    Plans For Users

Nutrisystem offers many plan options for the thousands of users who patronize the program. For instance, you can find the plan that will suit your budget, lifestyle and health. Imagine providing options for people who are maintaining a vegetarian diet and also a plan for people living with diabetes. With these numerous plan options, you can see that this plan is unique. So anyone with a special diet need may need to consider the Nutrisystem diet plan.


The truth is that both the Jenny Craig diet plan and Nutrisystem Diet plan are good programs to consider for weight loss. Anyone looking for how to lose weight with ease should consider either of them. But if you want to lose your weight fast, enjoy a wide variety of food that tastes great and leaves you more enthralled, consider the Nutrisystem diet plan. This plan is easy to start, maintain and utilize for weight loss. The best part is that this plan is DadQuarters’ top pick. Also, you’ll have a counsellor to assist you in the weight loss journey. Finally, you won’t need to spend more than necessary on the program because Nutrisystem is affordable.

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