January 25, 2021

Importance Of Taking An Eye Exam Rochester NY

Eye Exam Rochester NY

Eye Exam Rochester NY

Your eyesight plays a vital role in the quality of your life. Compared to other senses, a larger part of your brain is solely dedicated to perceive what comes through your sense of sight. Your eyes work as a camera, and your brain translates the images captured into information that you can understand. Declining eyesight can mean a decline in cognitive functions, as well.

You can steer away from this direction by taking eye examinations. This type of diagnostic test is composed of several tests facilitated by an orthoptist, optician, or optometrist. Eye exams are given to assess the overall condition of your eyes and their susceptibility to developing common eye problems.

Eye Exam Rochester NY

Listed below are the reasons why taking an exam is indeed important:

It Can Detect Serious Health Problems

The maxim that states, “Health is wealth,” holds true at all times. Regardless of how successful you are in your personal and professional life, if your health is deteriorating, you won’t be able to enjoy your accomplishments. Time and money will be spent on numerous treatments.

If you’re in Rochester, New York, an eye exam like this one here can help any of these situations from happening. This might come as a surprise for some, but your eyes can actually speak a lot about your current health condition even before symptoms start to show up.

During an eye exam, the optometrist will check the condition of the blood vessels around your retina. Healthy blood vessels in this area of your eye indicate healthy blood vessels throughout your entire body. Any changes in the appearance of your retinal blood vessels and blood supply can be an indicator of hypertension and diabetes.

The earlier these health problems are detected, the cheaper medical treatments are required. Recovery can also be guaranteed if these problems are diagnosed and treated early on. So if you don’t want to spend all of your hard-earned money in paying for endless hospitalization and medical bills, schedule an eye exam as soon as possible.

It Guarantees Proper Diagnosis

Whenever you experience or feel something weird in your eyes, you’ll likely turn to the World Wide Web for answers. You’ll try to be as descriptive as possible by typing in the symptoms you’ve experienced. Once you’ve found an article that fits your symptoms, you will immediately conclude that this online source is accurate, and whatever advice it gives should be followed.

The internet can be a goldmine of information, but using it for self-diagnosis can only lead to more harm than good. For one, self-diagnosis will require you to undergo unnecessary treatments and testing, which can only worsen your current eye condition and trigger other health problems.

You can save yourself from the dangers of self-diagnosis by getting regular eye exams. Since these exams are facilitated by a professional, you can throw in some of your eye-related questions to them and receive accurate medical information on the spot.

Are your eyes always red and itchy at night? Are your eyes too dry during the day? Do you suspect that your allergies cause your eyes to tear excessively? Eye exams are scheduled, so take your time to prepare your questions beforehand. Aside from being experts in eye care, your optometrist will also consider your overall health before recommending any treatments.

It Can Improve Your Vision

As mentioned, your eyes are two of the most important organs in your body. Impaired or lost vision will make it tough for you to accomplish even the simplest tasks. How can you prepare meals at home if you can’t see clearly? Do you think you can be safe as a pedestrian if you can’t tell how close or far a car is? How do you plan on becoming an effective employee or student if computer use causes you to experience eye pain?

Astigmatism is one of the most common eye problems experienced by over 30% of the world’s population. Although this eye condition still allows patients to see, blurry and distorted vision caused by this condition can take a toll on the patient’s life.

Getting an eye exam allows you to improve your vision gradually. When you have astigmatism and other eye conditions, your optometrist will recommend treatments. Depending on the severity of your eye condition, these treatments can alleviate its symptoms or completely save your eyesight from its long-term damages.

When it comes to astigmatism, your optometrist will usually recommend corrective lenses, contact lenses, and LASIK surgery. The first two options will be given by an optometrist to people who are only suffering from slight to mild astigmatism. For people who are already experiencing bad astigmatism, undergoing LASIK surgery might be the only available option.

The treatments recommended by your optometrist will depend on the severity of the eye condition and your lifestyle. People who are regularly exercising might not maximize the benefits of wearing an eyeglass, while people who aren’t comfortable touching their eyes won’t like the idea of wearing contact lenses.

Think Ahead

Contrary to popular belief, an eye exam shouldn’t only be taken the moment you experience pain or discomfort in your eyes. These exams should be taken at least once a year to closely monitor the condition of your eyes. This is especially true if genetic eye disorders run in the family.

Eye exams might be time-consuming and stressful, but its long-term benefits prove that regularly taking one is worth it.

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