January 27, 2021

Scarlet Clicks Review 2017-2018: Is Legit or Scam? | Scarlet Clicks Review Online

Scarlet Clicks Review

Scarlet Clicks Review

Scarlet Clicks review is the review of Scarlet Clicks that tells you if Scarlet Clicks is legit or scam, real, safe or fake. Scarlet Clicks payment proofs, complaints, and members feedback also reviewed. So, if you are searching for the best and unbiased Scarlet Clicks reviews, you have come to the right place.

What is Scarlet Clicks?

Scarlet Clicks is also another PTC Sites that came into business in the year 2009 by Dimitrios Kornelatos (“Kordim”) and can be regarded to be a sibling to the GPTPlanet. They were once known as an Aurora site and but advanced later and started making other offers available on their table.

Over the years, they have made payments worth up to 2 million Dollars as rewards to their members and they are available in all the countries. Their members have also grown so big up to a million active members recently.

Is Scarlet Clicks legit or scam?

Scarlet Clicks is not scam, as of writing this Scarlet Clicks review. They have been in the industry for a very long time. While investigating Scarlet Clicks, we came across lots of feedback about the site which are mainly members who got paid. So, for now, Scarlet Clicks is legit.

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NoteSince you have nothing to loss, it will be a very good idea to register from this post so we can be able to assist you by getting in touch with them if you have any problem in the future. We have the power to force them into rectifying their faults. However, we cannot do anything if you try to trick the system. Just make sure you comply with their rules and regulations to make it easier for us.

However, I will advise you to trade with caution with website like this because you don’t know what may happen next. As soon as you reached your minimum cashout, don’t hesitate to withdraw your earnings.


Membership in Scarlet Clicks are of different levels and categories. Each of these membership plans have specific cost attached to them. They are as follows;

  • Sliver Membership – you get to pay a minimum of $5 on monthly basis and a yearly fee of $50
  • Gold Membership – you get to pay a minimum of $10 on monthly basis and a cost of $100 yearly
  • Gold Plus Membership – you get to pay a minimum of $30 monthly and a yearly fee of $300
  • Diamond Membership – you get to pay a minimum of $700 yearly.

Nevertheless, you must not make any of this payments since they have slots for free users. These users get to enjoy only limited offers in the site.

Mode of operation

Daily Ads – the site offers between 30 to 35 ads in one day. Each of this ads will let you earn anything between $0.0002 to $0.001 as a free user. Therefore, you can earn up to $0.015 on daily basis. Basically, free users are only entitled to 2 types of ads which are the tiny ads and fixed ads. You have to upgrade your membership before you can be allowed to view the premium ads in the site.

If you have difficulties viewing any of the ads, then I suggest you check out your Adblocker to ensure it is not turned on.

Note; To earn with the ads, click on the ad, allow the page to open so that the picture appears, then look out for the upside down image which is usually the second picture from the left. Do this for other available ads and earn from them.

Referrals –  you are allowed to receive up to 40% of your referral click value if you are a free user. But as a paid user, you get to receive up to 100% of their earning. Their direct referral option is unlimited which means that you get to invite as many as you wish using your referral link which is usually sent to you automatically once you have become a registered member. Using this method helps you have direct referrals to yourself.

You can as well rent these referrals at some cost which is regarded as rented referrals. This way, you pay others a commission of what they make for you as your referral.

Scarlet Clicks Rewards

You get to make your withdrawals once you have as low as $2. You can use any of these methods to redeem your rewards, they include payments through PayPal, Solidtrustpay, Neteller, Payeer, Skrill, PerfectMoney and even in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). With all these payment method, the only one available to their free methods is PayPal payment. Other payment option like perfectMoney and Bitcoin cannot be used by them as it only works for those who have made an initial payment into the Scarlet Click account through these medium.

Note: You may require a maximum of 7 days to have your withdrawals in your bank account. so chill

Scarlet Clicks Members Reviews:

Franki Says

Since I joined this site, I have been able to make withdrawals severally, and currently, I just made a withdrawal of $8.22 which is my 64th withdrawal. Totally recommend these site to others.

Getrude Says

This site is so good, once you get everything right, you will get your earning smoothly. My withdrawals have always been sent to me. They are well organized trusted.

Scarlet Clicks Pros

  • They are well-known and trustworthy
  • They provide good customer support for their members
  • They don’t have any Direct Referral Limit.
  • They have a low minimum payout threshold of $2


  1. Their withdrawal process seems to take more time when compared to other PTC sites.

Do you have an experience with Scarlet Clicks? Good or bad, kindly use the comment section below to give us your brief Scarlet Clicks review.

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