January 25, 2021

Seven things you need to watch before changing the filter of your water bottle filter

water bottle filter

water bottle filter

Home water filters are common, but a growing number of people who want filtered water on the go choose water-filter bottles to provide their drinking solution. With these types of water bottles, you can easily carry your water with you anywhere you go and know it is free of contaminants because the filter attaches to the bottle.

Of course, just like a water filter for your home, you will need to change the filter because it will lose its effectiveness over its lifespan. Changing the filter is easy, but there are a variety of things that can impact your safety because a water bottle with a filter is a fill-point filtration system. This means you fill it where you use it, generally speaking. After you fill up, you carry on with your daily activities. Unlike a water filter for your home that filters one supply of water, this filter follows your daily travels, filtering all types of water.

  1. Travel locations

Different countries have different water quality. For instance, a standard filter might suit your needs if you are in a country where freshwater is common. However, you might need one with advanced capabilities if you are traveling to Africa or India. Filters for third-world countries are made specifically to filter 99.9999 percent of all contaminants that can make you sick.

– chlorine

– chemicals

– lead, mercury, other heavy metals

– biological agents

Finally, the filter contains a barrier made of iodinated resin, which is able to block E. coli and other viruses.

  1. Water type on location

If you travel to places with radiological pollutants, you will need a radiological filter. These types of filters can filter the chlorine and other chemicals from the water. However, they are also effective against radiological elements, such as the following.

– radon-222

– gross beta

– alpha radium-226

– plutonium

– uranium

– caesium-134 and -137

– radioactive iodine

  1. Volume

How much water you drink probably remains relatively constant. However, travelers often drink more than they usually do because they are walking or hiking. Additionally, changing environments might be hotter than you are accustomed to. Consequently, you might drink up to 25 percent more water each day.

Prior to changing your water filter, you might need to consider a larger water bottle if your demands have increased. An 800 ml travel bottle, for instance, is large enough to meet your increased needs, and it will be able to filter your water according to the type of filter you purchase.

  1. Lifespan

If you are drinking more water, you might want to pay attention to the replacement date of the filter. Additionally, different locations with higher degrees of contaminants might require you to change the filter more often than you might otherwise change it.

  1. Normal or extreme?

With any of the Fill2Pure Filters, you can obtain a normal filter or an advanced filter capable of filtering different elements from the water. Extreme filters are designed specifically for water sources in Asia that are known to contain radiological elements. Although these models are designed to remove radiological elements, they also perform perfectly against so-called aesthetic chemicals, such as chlorine, which impact smell and taste. Additionally, they perform well against biological agents and dissolve solids. Consequently, no matter where you are in Asia, you are protected against any short-term health disruptions or any long-term health ailments that might arise from drinking radioactive water.

  1. Sharing

If you are sharing your bottle, the lifespan of the filter decreases accordingly because it is filtering double the volume of water. Travelers need to consider this and purchase additional replacement filters as dictated by the number of people sharing the bottle.

Additionally, many travelers might need bathing water because contaminated water can impact your health if it touches your skin. In these situations where you need a quick bathing solution, a filter that works like a showerhead will help you spray the water over your body or head. However, if you are in a group, it is easy to imagine a scenario where you pass around a filtered water bottle. Consequently, the volume of filtered water will increase dramatically, so you might need to consider purchasing two or more shower-head filters for these situations.

  1. Promotions

Water bottles with filters are more expensive than non-filtered bottles because they protect your health. Consequently, it is extremely important to pay attention to online promotions that can save you lots of money.

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