January 26, 2021

Top 10 Sexiest Eva Green Performances Films | Nude Eva Green Performances 2108-2019

Sexiest Eva Green Performances Films

Sexiest Eva Green Performances Films

Sexiest Eva Green Performances is a French actress and model. She is born on 6th july 1980. Her mother marlene jobert was a famous actress. Before making her film debut in bernardo bertolucci’s the dreamer(2003), she started her career in theater. She achieved global recognition for her portrayal of sibylla, queen of Jerusalem in Ridley scott’s historical epic Kingdom of heaven (2005). Some of her work as an actress is as follows:-

  1. Kingdom Of Heaven :

In this epic film green plays middle eastern princess sibylla, she act as confusing, incoherent and noisy women.  In theaters, KOH wasn’t much to write home about. But, if you find director Scott;s original cut you’ll have one of Green’s best film.

  1. Perfect Sense

Directed my Mackenzie’s best film to date sees Ewan McGeogor’s chef and Green’s epidemiologist struggling to cope with a new virus which causes viral disease that slowly eliminate senses in people from taste to smell. This is a different role she used to play. She played someone that is tumbled into a raw and emothional affair with McGregor that is fuelled by lust and a mysterious disease starts fading away them from their humanity.

  1. Cracks :

In this flick Eva performed a nonconformist teacher at a girl’s boarding school in 1930s Britain. She considered as an outsider among her fellow colleagues but her students adore her. With the entry of Fiamma, a Spanish student, green’s Miss G becomes more fascinated with her, this made her students extremely jealous.

  1. Camelot :

In this movie she played as the villainous main antagonist, Morgan, She was definitely the bright spot in the series. Her performance in this flick made you want to fall in love with evil.

  1. The Dreamers :

Her big screen debut, Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamer is an intoxicating and yes controversial study of sexual awakening and youthful idealism. She is beating heart and soul of the film.

  1. 300 : Rise Of An Empire :

In this flick her performance was superb, and she is the only reason to watch as the bloodthirsty warrior queen, Artemisia. In this movie she played a very dangerous, unapologetic, insane and sexy she revels in death and destruction, and accepts no opposition from anyone, whether it is a subordinate or an enemy.

  1. Sin City 2 ; A Dame To Kill For :

This was the role Green was destined to play and she’s clearly having enormous fun bringing the cold, calculating and sociopathic femme fatale to life, and we’re having enormous fun seeing her achieve that.

  1. Dark Shadows :

Directed by Tim Burton is a film adaptation of the 1970’s TV show. It got a mixed response and it was not hard to see why as it was a mess, but an enjoyable one. She steals every scene as she plays one of the Sexiest female villainesses even. In this movie her only goal in life was to continuing the destruction of Collins family and reputation.

  1. Casino Royale :

The best Bond Girl starred opposite the best Bond with Daniel Craig in this franchise re-energiser as the illustrious Vesper Lynd. The film tells the tale of a young Bond’s ascension to an international killing machine, world saviour and womaniser, and Lynd was the woman who broke his heart.

  1. Pebby Dreadful

Without a doubt, Eva Green’s finest ever performance to date. Penny Dreadful, the latest TV show by Showtime (the company that brought us shows like Dexter, Homeland and Masters of Sex), is a supernatural gothic horror series that takes the stories of Frankenstein, Dracula and Dorian Gray and turns them on their head in truly spine-tingling fashion.

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