January 25, 2021

Top Collectible Wines You Can Invest Today

Collectible Wines

Collectible Wines

Wine investment is like investing for cars, houses, and other necessities. They don’t only give you the pleasure of knowing every wine labels, but they also allow you to gain and make the most out of each bottle if you sell them effectively. It is the main reason why some entrepreneurs nowadays are putting much of their attention to fine wine investment.

Wine labels come in many varieties, unlike other alcoholic beverages you find the market. It means that you can get broader options to make sure that you hit the palate of every potential customer. It also comes at a reasonable price where you can ultimately gain large profits as long as you persevere in making sure they are sold.

Investing in wines is a bit sophisticated. You have to wholeheartedly dedicate your time and effort when starting this kind of business for people to patronize your business. It is also crucial that you know each wine label you are selling because your buyers might ask you the full usage of the wine they are going to buy.

As you go along and take the road of investing wines to generate more income, we will give you some of the best wine labels you can sell. These wines are proven and tested by the most reputable wine critics. They are also part of the world’s top 100 collectible wines which can enormously appeal to anyone’s palate. Let’s get started!

1986 Lafite Rothschild

The 1986 Lafite Rothschild is one of the leading collectible wines you can invest today. It is part of the legendary Chateau Lafite Rothschild family that produces the most elegant and vintage wines in the world. It originated in the Bordeaux region in France. It’s part of the Premier Grand Cru wines that were a top choice among elite and royal families.

You will never go wrong with this kind of wine. It comes in medium-body, lengthy, fine-textured, and deep colored aesthetics. The elements that make up this wine label include minerals, chestnuts, and cedar. The tannin content of this wine bursts in your palate, allowing a longer stay. It can really appeal to every wine lover as it can also pair with several dishes.

1989 Clinet

The 1989 Clinet (12-Pack OWC) is one of the most surprising collectible wine in history. Most wine lovers and critics described this wine as badly corked. It does not offer a perfect first impression for every consumer. By the time this wine undergo blind tasting, many were surprised because it produces the most beautiful and appealing flavor.

It is a wine label made from vanillin, currants, black raspberries, truffles, and scents from flowers. The 1989 Clinet (12-Pack OWC) displays an extreme concentration, seamless texture, and full-bodied content. It will surely appeal to every consumer buying in your store as the flavor of this wine comes perfectly aged and blended, allowing the sweetness to blast inside their mouth.

1990 Montrose

The 1990 Chateau Montrose is another incredible wine you can invest and collect. It is a superb wine offering an exciting concentration inside your taste buds. It also comes with extensive usage, that’s why you can surely collect and recommend this wine label to all your esteemed customers.

The 1990 Montrose comes from saddled leather, grilled steak, luscious fruits, and precious minerals. It exudes a wide range of sweet tannins, offering a broad texture. It also uses a high volume of glycerin that can appeal to every customer with a sweet tooth. You will never go wrong when you invest in this type of collectible wine.

1998 Beaucastel CDP Hommage A Jacques Perrin

The 1998 Beaucastel CDP Hommage A Jacques Perrin, exudes the most extraordinary and hedonistic effort of purely Ganache made wine. Robert Parker, which is one of the world’s most renowned wine critics, said that this wine emphasizes the ultimate greatness of cuvee. It is one of the few vintage wines which you can collect and invest today.

This wine comes with the most intense flavor. The tannin content comes in full-bodied offering so much sweetness and silkiness in one’s palate. It also can pair dishes like grilled pork, chicken, or lamb as the strong taste of this wine balances the texture of the meal.

2001 Climens

The 2001 Climens wine is a beautiful and elegant wine label that comes in a greenish hue shade. It offers a perfect blend of tropical fruits, flowers, and honeysuckle. The texture of this wine is light and medium-bodied that makes an excellent option for collection and investment.

It is a type of wine that comes in impressive precision and pure richness.  The sweet flavor of this wine comes in moderate, allowing every consumer to meet their flavor needs. You will also get a fresher finish allowing a refreshing vibe as soon as you drink a glass of Climens wine.

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