January 25, 2021

X Food Items to Avoid When the Stomach Flu Strikes

X Food Items to Avoid When the Stomach Flu Strikes

X Food Items to Avoid When the Stomach Flu Strikes

Stomach flu is commonly known as stomach infection and in official terms as gastroenteritis. The flu is bound to cause uneasiness and discomfort to whoever catches it. A person could contact stomach flu by contacting an infected person or by consuming contaminated water or food.You can blame the tempting street side food or that old pizza at the back of your fridge.

Some of the symptoms that you will encounter when a stomach flu strikes are, diarrhea, stomach aches, vomiting, low fever, muscle or headaches, and more. However, the real questions that arise are what to eat during a stomach infection and what not to eat. Your diet must be given utmost importance to ensure your speedy recovery from the illness.

Along with ensuring what not to and what to eat during stomach infection, it is also important to ensure that proper hygiene is maintained. Hygiene maintenance is important to ensure your speedy recovery and to ensure that you don’t transfer the illness to people around you. Washing hands with antibacterial soaps like Dettol Hand wash is the most underrated yet impactful habit to practice. Even when you are out and about, make sure to carry Dettol hand sanitizer, to protect yourself and others from germ transfer.

Here’s a quick look at what to eat during a stomach infection or flu:

  • Steamed vegetables to get a fair share of nutrients in your body
  • Broth or soups for easier consumption of nutrition
  • Consume seasonal fruits as they are a great source of fiber
  • Lots of fluids as your body tend to get dehydrated
  • If you have trouble keeping food down, such on ice chips

Now that we know about what foods to eat during stomach infection, here’s a comprehensive guide on foods that you should avoid when you have caught the flu:

  • Refined Sugar

Super sweet foods, such as those that contain refined sugar, can lead to increases in insulin levels which, in effect, can lead to blood sugar fluctuations. While this may not affect your stomach directly, it may make you feel clammy and shaky, which will not improve your overall condition. Foods that contain refined sugar have been stripped off with all, fiber, and nutrients. Some of these foods are pizza, pastries, breakfast cereals, pasta, and more.

  • Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk and cheese top the list of “don’t” foods when it comes to stomach flu. more than half of the world’s population is already intolerant to lactose, meaning they lack the necessary enzyme to digest dairy products. Even if you are not lactose intolerant, it can get tough for you body to break down dairy products and contribute more to the cause.

  • Spicy food

If you’re wondering what to eat during stomach infection, then spicy food is a big no! Spicy food is bound to cause uneasiness even further and cause water retention. It also causes uneasy diarrhea and makes the body loose fluid at a rapid rate. Make sure that you consume foods that are bland, cooked fresh and are hygienic.

  • Processed foods

processed foods have a long shelf-life, these processed foods usually contain a lot of additives and chemicals, including preservatives. These preservatives help in preventing the food from going stale, which may further bother your stomach.Even though you want to treat yourself with a big bowl of spaghetti since you are sick, it is best to avoid the temptation till you feel better.

Let’s Sum it All Up!

Now that you know what to eat during stomach infection and what not to, there are other things that you must consider when it comes to having a speedy recovery. Some of these include, ensuring clean utensils before you eat your meals, washing hands with Dettol Handwash to eliminate the transfer of germs, consuming fresh and seasonal foods, and the likes. However, if the symptoms worsen with time, you must visit a doctor and get a medical advice to rule out a severe disease.

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