January 25, 2021

7 Different Types of Smoothies Recommended for Healthy Living

Smoothies Recommended for Healthy Living

Smoothies Recommended for Healthy Living

Smoothie drinks don’t just taste great. They can actually be incredibly healthy for you as well. If you are used to snacking all day on food that is not all that good for you, smoothies are a positive alternative that you can begin to reach for. Many people get the munchies throughout the day because they are not eating meals that leave them full and satisfied. This is a situation that can be resolved by making a great tasting smoothie. This drink can even replace a meal and will help you to stay full for hours. This is a way to positively contribute to your overall sense of health and well being. If you are worried about getting bored with the flavor options, you shouldn’t be. There are many varieties of these drinks that you can make. Here are seven different types will help set you on the path to healthy living.

Kale, Spinach, and Pear

Believe it or not, but kale and spinach is the perfect combination to put in a smoothie. To add some flavor, you will put in a pear. It also includes some honey for good measure. The great part of this smoothie is that all those greens and fiber will help to speed up your metabolism. You will feel full for hours, meaning you can leave the snacks alone.

Berry and Spinach

This particular drink contains several different varieties of berries. You will put in some blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries to begin. Don’t forget to add the spinach. Mix all of this together before you add any ice cubes, as this will enhance both the texture and the flavor. It will also allow the drink to thicken for you before you drink it.

An Energy-Boosting Smoothie

This is a great smoothie to have when you need some energy and do not want to reach for that candy bar in your desk drawer. You will find that this tastes especially great in the afternoon hours, or in the morning when you are trying to wake up. The ingredients include a bit of cocoa powder, some peanut butter, the famous Greek yogurt, a banana, and some cinnamon for good measure. Not only is this one very healthy for you, but it tastes great as well.

Creamy Avocado and Kale

If you are not sure that you are consuming enough vitamins in your diet, this is a great drink to get you headed in the right direction. It is rich in vitamins and is particularly good for you at the end of the day. The avocado and kale provide you with all the fiber, vitamins C and K, and potassium that you need.

Blueberry, Rasberry, and Blackberry

You can have this smoothie at any time, day or night. The berries provide a tart flavor that you will love. You are also going to want to add some peanut butter and honey to this one, along with some non-fat milk.

A Healthy Green Smoothie

The name of this one says it all. You can include some lettuce, spinach or super green powder to provide the greens necessary for this tasty smoothie. Because of all the nutrients that this drink has, you will stay full for much longer as a result.

A Smoothie For Vegans

These drinks are great for vegans as well. You can make this in the evening as a late-night snack to help you feel full as you plan to head to bed. It has the look and feel of a milkshake, but comes with the added bonus of contributing to your healthier new lifestyle.

As you can now tell, there are many different types of these drinks that you can make. There are some the are better to have in the morning, while others will help you sleep well at night. Some will give you that added boost of energy that you need to get through the day, while others will help you to replace a meal and save the calories. Try several different varieties and see what you think. It is quite likely that you will make these drinks a habit and notice that you feel healthier as a result.


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